Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation

The Ezy-Lift Dumbwaiter system is the simplest, most uncomplicated installation system available. It allows your site carpenter and electrician to complete the installation during the normal construction of your home in less than half a day.

All wiring is finished with dumbwaiter switches/controls already attached and an identification tag tells you what it is and where it goes. This is backed up with a full colour installation manual which has photos of the components you are looking at and where they are to be installed. Alternatively Ezy-Lift can install the Dumbwaiter system for you.

Why Use Us

1. Efficient workmanship

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Strict commitment to meeting deadlines
  • When you contact Ezy-Lift Automations you are talking directly with the people who will build your Dumbwaiter/Goods Lift system

2. Excellent Quality

  • Australian owned and locally manufactured
  • All components available from Australian suppliers for future serviceability

3. Exceptional Service

  • Short construction times for your unit
  • Can be provided in Kit form for your local site Carpenter and Electrician to install for you
  • Free consultation
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